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"Jet Thruster does not change sailing characteristics"

Bow JT-30 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 22 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Robert Hazenberg: Rio Espera

As a proud owner of a recently restored classic speedboat, a 1968 Rio Espera, Robert Hazenberg doesn't need any damage done to his acquisition. "The Rio Espera is difficult to manoeuvre at low speeds, and when I back up out of the boathouse its fixed thruster draws it to one side. The Jet Thruster has made it, I'm inclined to say, a piece of cake. Granted, the system is fairly expensive, but on the other hand it does exactly what it promises to do. I had first considered having a bow thruster installed, but this would require drilling a large hole in the hull, so I opted for a JT-30 in the stern instead.

Another advantage: the system does not change sailing characteristics. Visually it is also a joy; when planing you can see the orifices, but this is not annoying at all. I also like how practical the controls are, so I am more than satisfied. I might also expand to the stern side in the future, but first I am going to work on improving my sailing skills by building my sailing hours at the Kagerplassen, and that is no punishment..."

"Jet Thruster is silent and suitable for half gliders"

Bow & Stern JT-70 Combi
Stern JT-70 Combi
Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 65.2 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Dorus Wajer: Osprey 34

Owner Dorus Wajer of Wajer Jachtbouw (Wajer Yacht Construction) in Heeg, the Netherlands, has a clear vision: "We are the forerunners in the field of innovation. In 2006 the Osprey 37 was awarded the title 'Boat of the Year'; in 2009 we reached the top 3 highest nominated boats with the smaller Osprey 34. Because we feel very strongly about innovation we have had a JT-70 Dual installed in the latter type. This vessel is a half glider with a relatively small stern and a shallow draught. Even so we managed to have the Jet Thruster installed in the vessel, and the small orifices offer significant advantages with so shallow a draught.

We also like the system operating so silently. I do think it is of paramount importance that the system is installed professionally - after all, there are water hoses all through the ship. When this condition is met, you can be sure of a trouble-free performance."

"Allows for a compact installation, even with a shallow draught"

Bow JT-30 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 27.4 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Herman van Eijk: Tender (glass fibre-epoxy and polyethylene composite construction)

Herman van Eijk, of the yacht building company in Reeuwijk, the Netherlands, which carries his name, regards the Jet Thruster from an entirely different perspective. He specialises in light competitive yachts for the one design dinghies. When he was assigned to build a tender of glass fibre-epoxy and polyethylene composite construction, equipped with a Steyer motor and a thruster, he ended up with the Jet Thruster. Herman: "The Jet Thruster allows for a compact installation, even with a shallow draught. It is not as much the weight reduction with respect to the bow thruster as the weight distribution that is important. For competitive yachts this is of high importance; you have the possibility of installing the pump deeply within the ship. In the tender the JT-30 has been installed as a bow thruster, since this is more than sufficient for the light weight of the vessel. I am excited about its performance, its silence and the lack of tunnels used in the installation, but mainly I like the flexible installation options. I think the Jet Thruster has a bright future ahead of it, also in competitive yachts."

"In light of the limited room for installation in the hull,
the Jet Thruster offered us the ideal solution"

Bow JT-30 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 26.1 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Retro boat (Retro Tender)

In one of our models, the Retro Tender, we have had a Jet Thruster JT-30 installed, and we are extremely satisfied with it.
Due to the shallow draught it is fairly difficult to install a bow thruster into aluminium vessels. In view of the limited room for installation in the hull, the Jet Thruster offered us the ideal solution. The system works perfectly and is very quiet, besides.
In canals, especially, with lots of waiting involved due to the heavy traffic, it makes manoeuvring a breeze. In heavy winds or strong currents the slightest touch of the joy stick will get the boat back into the right position. Furthermore, it feels good to be able to make corrections when docking or turning around the vessel.

In short, it is a system that enables captains to keep the ship under control even in tricky, unusual situations.

"A fine system I can recommend to others"

Bow & Stern JT-50 Combi
Stern JT-50 Combi
Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 45.3 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Garmt Louw: Breedendam MTB 30

"As the owner of a Breedendam MTB 30, Garmt Louw has something special. The Breedendam was inspired by the Motor Torpedo Boat. This vessel was used by the English in WWII to swiftly fire torpedoes and then take off like greased lightning. You can see this same shape and the idea here. "The vessel does not have a rudder, but a revolving thruster. It is fast and light on the water, but manoeuvring is a different story altogether. My son and I have spent quite some time selecting the best system, and finally we arrived at the Jet Thruster, the JT-50 Dual. Since we have the engine in the stern we wanted to place as much weight as possible in the front, and the Jet Thruster made that possible for us. The systems works well. For instance, we use it to sail away from restaurants. First we use the Jet Thruster to move a hundred metres sideways from the landing, and only then do we start the motor, so we don't bother anyone. It is similar to the Toyota Prius driving off electrically! We raise quite a lot of eyebrows doing so, and I gladly recommend this system to others. With hindsight I might have chosen the JT-70 for the extra power, but I am happy with this one as well, and the controls are flawless."