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Experiences of US Marine Products, US Distributor of the Jet Thruster systems

Boston, Massachusetts (USA) – Several US boat manufacturers have units on test and are expect to replace conventional thrusters with this new technology that gives them greater control at a lower cost. The Marinas and do-it- yourselfers that have installed the thruster are thrilled with its performance and ease of installation. US Marine Products is working to set up a network of distributors, installation facilities, retail catalog and internet sales channels in the whole of USA. “We have worked closely with Holland Marine Parts in helping with new designs, manuals, paper work and addition component development. Holland Marine has taken the concept developed by the original creators and made the product a world class marine solution through engineering and design complimented by extensive quality control and testing in the marine environment.” Richard Gentile US Marine Products Just some of our customer’s comments: “This product has allowed us to have full rotational control where no other product would fit” “I can parallel park my boat into a dock space every time, just like my car” “This product is a breath of fresh air in an industry resistant to innovation and new technology. A truly revolutionary design” Outstanding, wonderful, we couldn’t be happier!!! Our docking life has been vastly improved” Additional information US Marine Products can be found at these links.