View a selection of vessels the Jet Thruster has been installed in.

"Jet Thruster is silent and suitable for half gliders"

Bow & Stern JT-70 Combi
Stern JT-70 Combi
Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 65.2 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Dorus Wajer: Osprey 34

Owner Dorus Wajer of Wajer Jachtbouw (Wajer Yacht Construction) in Heeg, the Netherlands, has a clear vision: "We are the forerunners in the field of innovation. In 2006 the Osprey 37 was awarded the title 'Boat of the Year'; in 2009 we reached the top 3 highest nominated boats with the smaller Osprey 34. Because we feel very strongly about innovation we have had a JT-70 Dual installed in the latter type. This vessel is a half glider with a relatively small stern and a shallow draught. Even so we managed to have the Jet Thruster installed in the vessel, and the small orifices offer significant advantages with so shallow a draught.

We also like the system operating so silently. I do think it is of paramount importance that the system is installed professionally - after all, there are water hoses all through the ship. When this condition is met, you can be sure of a trouble-free performance."

"A fine system I can recommend to others"

Bow & Stern JT-50 Combi
Stern JT-50 Combi
Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 45.3 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Garmt Louw: Breedendam MTB 30

"As the owner of a Breedendam MTB 30, Garmt Louw has something special. The Breedendam was inspired by the Motor Torpedo Boat. This vessel was used by the English in WWII to swiftly fire torpedoes and then take off like greased lightning. You can see this same shape and the idea here. "The vessel does not have a rudder, but a revolving thruster. It is fast and light on the water, but manoeuvring is a different story altogether. My son and I have spent quite some time selecting the best system, and finally we arrived at the Jet Thruster, the JT-50 Dual. Since we have the engine in the stern we wanted to place as much weight as possible in the front, and the Jet Thruster made that possible for us. The systems works well. For instance, we use it to sail away from restaurants. First we use the Jet Thruster to move a hundred metres sideways from the landing, and only then do we start the motor, so we don't bother anyone. It is similar to the Toyota Prius driving off electrically! We raise quite a lot of eyebrows doing so, and I gladly recommend this system to others. With hindsight I might have chosen the JT-70 for the extra power, but I am happy with this one as well, and the controls are flawless."

Aligning your Rib in front of your trailer in windy conditions or currents suddenly becomes easy!

Bow JT-50 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 19.6 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Jet Thruster JT-50 in the bow of a Goldfish 29 Rib Tender. A Jet Thruster provides the additional control you need to safely dock your boat. Aligning your Rib in front of your trailer in windy conditions or currents suddenly becomes easy!

"Wooden Classics with shallow draft can have our versatile Thruster system installed in two days"

Bow & Stern JT-30 Combi
Stern JT-30 Combi
Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 27.8 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Ihr Dr. W. Winkler: Wooden classic: Riva Ariston

Karyvo delivered excellent work, great team, precise, clean work, reliable, friendly, polite, and flexible.

I can issue only the very best testimony.

Also the Jet Thruster functions excellent.

At school in Germany we say :  A+  !!! 


"Scratches on mahogany, you don't want that"

Bow - - Stern JT-50 Single Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 40 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Charlie van der Veer:
The design of a Rapsody 29 OC is similar to a 1932 Petterson. Charlie van der Veer is the owner of this fine massive 2000 mahogany Rapsody. He leaves no doubt: "Scratches on mahogany, you don't want that. Such a scratch gets dark. If it gets lighter you can darken it, but the other way around doesn't work. That's why in 2008 I had Karst Braaksma from Karyvo in Sneek, the Netherlands, install the Jet Thruster's predecessor as an addition to the existing bow thruster. A good system, in principle, but the complicated electronics were sensitive to interference and in 2012 the valve turned out to be completely stuck. Karst then rebuilt the valve and control system to the level of the current Jet Thruster, and now it all works to my full satisfaction. I chose the Jet Thruster because the system works so silently. This is a major advantage compared to the propeller. The control system with two joy sticks on the dashboard make the system very easy to control, also in combination with the bow thruster. Moving sideways or rotating around the axis in a narrow channel – you can do it all. Noisy in front and silent in the back, but at least no scratches!"