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"The system has been working for 1.5 years now, without even a single failure!"

Bow JT-50 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 50 Calculate your Jet Thruster

F. Ramirez, Palma de Mallorca, Spain: Beneteau Cyclades 39

I am the owner of a 39-foot sailing boat. My boat is located in the Palma de Mallorca harbour, in a very small berth, and with little space around the boat to manoeuvre in. I rent my boat in summer and my clients are not always expert sailors, so I needed a bow thruster. But which one to choose? I have many friends who complain about their bow thrusters because the propeller in front of the boat is always giving them problems, and very often it does not work properly due to many different factors (shell formation, plastic and rope entanglement, loose propeller, overheating, electronic problems, etc.), so finding the JET THRUSTER solution was great.

Also, not having to drill two big holes in my boat seemed a good idea, so I decided to try it. Hey! The system has been working for 1.5 years now, and without even a single failure! At first I was afraid that a JT-50 would not be powerful enough for my boat, but it turns out it works great on a 12-meter boat, and my clients all tell me that the system is fantastic. Now I get more bookings, and less damage is done to my boat!

Our long vessel is easy to manoeuvre with the the Jet Thruster Dual.

Bow JT-90 Single Stern JT-50 Single Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 130.3 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Holland Marine Parts Jet Thruster JT-90 / JT-50 in wooden SY Unique, demonstrated in the Kiel harbour.

"Wichtig ist die perfekte Installation"

Bow - - Stern JT-50 Single Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 48.1 Calculate your Jet Thruster

F. Ziegler: Amel Super Maramu 53

Ich versprach Ihnen eine kurze Memo über meine Erfahrungen mit dem Jetthruster.Das Gerät ist sehr hilfreich in engen Marinas und beim Anlegen an Bojen in Ankerbuchten, das jetzt sehr gut mit einer Rückwärtsfahrt zur Boje und Befestigen von der Achternbadeleiter aus erfolgt.Auch beim Längsseitsanlegen an einer Pier oder Tankstelle hat sich der Jetthruster bestens bewährt.  Mit Bug-und Heckstrahlruder erfolgt jetzt eine  360° -Drehung auf der Stelle in  24 sec.

Wichtig ist die perfekte Installation.  Sie wurde durchgeführt von der Kremik Service Sem Zuric in Primosten.  Besonders ein Detail erscheint mir wichtig zu erwähnen:Die zwei sehr starken zusätzlichen Batterien werden vom  24 Volt-Bordnetz ständig mit aufgeladen.  Sobald jedoch der Thruster eingeschaltet ist,  werden die Batterien automatisch vom Bordnetz getrennt,  sodaß eine unkontrollierte Entladung des Bordnetzes auf keinen Fall erfolgt.  Nach Abschalten des Thrusters schalten sich die Batterien automatisch wieder auf das Bordnetz.

"The thruster really helped when docking the boat in tight situations"

Bow JT-70 Single Stern JT-50 Single Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 48.1 Calculate your Jet Thruster

P. Mackay, Canada: Bavaria 39

"The installation of the JT-70 combi-thruster system on our Bavaria 39 has really helped when docking the boat in tight situations. The bow swings quietly and effortlessly, even against a strong cross current and wind. The stern thruster is very helpful in countering the effect of prop walk when backing into a narrow berth. Used together, it is possible to move the boat laterally to or from a dock when there is limited space at the bow or stern. All in all a great system to keep you out of trouble!"

"Specially for yachtsmen; you can't hear it"

Bow JT-90 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 70.2 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Caio de Graaf: Dehler 47 and Nordson

Not a user, but a 'hands-on' expert, that's what Caio de Graaf is. He owns Yagra Jachtservice (Yagra Yacht Service) in Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands. "For a client of ours we have installed a Jet Thruster JT-90 in the bow of a Dehler 47, as part of a complete restoration. It was a special job, because we installed both the pump and the valves in a waterproof spot in the cabin. I tried the system myself and its works fine. The owner was pleased as well, but was happy about one thing in particular: "You can't hear it." For yachtsmen, especially, this is very important; a bow thruster makes a gravelly sound.

For another client we have installed a JT-30 in the bow of a 1948 Nordson boat. It is 9 metres long and only 1.5 metres wide. He sails in the canals of The Hague and Delft, and the length and the limited rudder pressure made it impossible for him to make the turns. This system, installed in the bow, just like the motor, solved his problem. The great thing about the Jet Thruster? Seeing and experiencing it means buying it."