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"The system has been working for 1.5 years now, without even a single failure!"

Bow JT-50 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 50 Calculate your Jet Thruster

F. Ramirez, Palma de Mallorca, Spain: Beneteau Cyclades 39

I am the owner of a 39-foot sailing boat. My boat is located in the Palma de Mallorca harbour, in a very small berth, and with little space around the boat to manoeuvre in. I rent my boat in summer and my clients are not always expert sailors, so I needed a bow thruster. But which one to choose? I have many friends who complain about their bow thrusters because the propeller in front of the boat is always giving them problems, and very often it does not work properly due to many different factors (shell formation, plastic and rope entanglement, loose propeller, overheating, electronic problems, etc.), so finding the JET THRUSTER solution was great.

Also, not having to drill two big holes in my boat seemed a good idea, so I decided to try it. Hey! The system has been working for 1.5 years now, and without even a single failure! At first I was afraid that a JT-50 would not be powerful enough for my boat, but it turns out it works great on a 12-meter boat, and my clients all tell me that the system is fantastic. Now I get more bookings, and less damage is done to my boat!

"Specially for yachtsmen; you can't hear it"

Bow JT-90 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 70.2 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Caio de Graaf: Dehler 47 and Nordson

Not a user, but a 'hands-on' expert, that's what Caio de Graaf is. He owns Yagra Jachtservice (Yagra Yacht Service) in Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands. "For a client of ours we have installed a Jet Thruster JT-90 in the bow of a Dehler 47, as part of a complete restoration. It was a special job, because we installed both the pump and the valves in a waterproof spot in the cabin. I tried the system myself and its works fine. The owner was pleased as well, but was happy about one thing in particular: "You can't hear it." For yachtsmen, especially, this is very important; a bow thruster makes a gravelly sound.

For another client we have installed a JT-30 in the bow of a 1948 Nordson boat. It is 9 metres long and only 1.5 metres wide. He sails in the canals of The Hague and Delft, and the length and the limited rudder pressure made it impossible for him to make the turns. This system, installed in the bow, just like the motor, solved his problem. The great thing about the Jet Thruster? Seeing and experiencing it means buying it."

"We think it is ideal"

Bow JT-50 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 49.6 Calculate your Jet Thruster

John Doesburg: - Lemsteraak

John Doesburg is the proud owner of a steel 1996 Lemsteraak, 10.5 metres in length. It is a round-bottom with a cabin and a continuous, 15-metre skeleton. That last one has a light keel operation, but for the true sails, leeboards are used. John has had Jachtwerf Van Rijnsoever Deil install a Jet Thruster JT-50 in the bow. "The installation of a propeller or Jet Thruster is still a little taboo in the world of flatboat and round-bottom boat owners. Even so, my wife and I decided to have it installed, because mooring and manoeuvring is so much easier with a Jet Thruster.

A propeller required a large hole to be drilled into the skeleton; the JT-50 did not. Along with the noiseless performance we considered it sufficient reason to go with the Jet Thruster. We think it is ideal to be able to correct and manoeuvre like this; by using the Jet Thruster and propeller in conjunction we can even rotate around the axis."

"Client is satisfied, can even rotate around the axis"

Bow JT-70 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 65.2 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Peter de Klerk: Northwind 40

Klerk Yacht (KYS) is an all-round yacht service company in Medemblik, the Netherlands. Peter de Klerk refitted a sailing yacht, a Northwind 40, for one of his clients in 2007. Ever since then the owner has Peter make changes to his yacht almost every year to make it even better and more complete. For instance, the owner requested of Peter to install an JT-70 in the hull of the Northwind 40. "The installation isn't very difficult. After all, no tunnel is required. And the pump installation is very flexible. In smaller vessels we do need to find room for the battery pack and water hoses; there's no evading that. The client is highly satisfied. The sound, or rather the little sound the Jet Thruster produces, is very important to them. And he can even easily rotate around the axis. A thruster is just an extra helping hand. With the ever larger vessels and the box sizes remaining the same it is not an unnecessary luxury. I have received some new requests already, so we are going to install more Jet Thrusters."

Now it is so great to sail on our boat without stress!!

Bow JT-50 Single Stern - - Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 48.1 Calculate your Jet Thruster

V. Panetta

I am going to try to explain  in a few words how great it is to have a Jet Thruster.
We live in the South of France, a place known for being windy and especially thanks to its famous wind named “Mistral” which can get very strong in a very short time. We own a sailing boat a “Harmony 38 Feet” and sometimes going out or in the harbor was quite stressful especially when we sailed alone or in couple.

So we looked forward to finding out a bow propeller. We did not want to modify the structure of the boat and we were very keen on keeping the same sailing speed.
We surfed the net, went to different nautical exhibitions for several months but we did not find the product we looked for. And one day we found out the Holland Marine Parts site.
We phoned the firm directly because such a bow propeller was unknown in France. During this call, we were said that the firm was going to exhibit the Jet Thruster at the Nautical Exhibition in Dusseldorf Germany January 2012. So we went to Germany where we met the commercial team but also the engineer who explained us how to set up the system and how it works.
When we came back in France, we found  a nautical professional and we gave to him the instructions to install the Jet Thruster JT- 50. About the structure we only had to set up 3 nozzles. That was not complicated and meant no structural modification.
Setting up the system was not at all complicated so the professional was able to work properly, quickly and efficiently.
Now it is so great to sail on our boat without stress!!